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Also this year the Waldensian Houses – Hotels and Foresterie – are in Fa‘ la Cosa Giusta, the exhibition of critical consumption and lifestyles, which has reached its 15th edition. The event will take place at Fieramilanocity in Milan on March 23rd, 24th and 25th in Halls 3 and 4 and for this year admission is free.
The Waldensian Houses are born to support the activities and projects of the Diaconia Valdese – engaged in interventions that support children, the elderly, disabled people and migrants – and put at the center of their work the enhancement of the dimension of welcoming people, solidarity and of environmental sustainability.

Therefore, in the Diaconia Valdese the dimensions of hospitality in our receptive structures and the service rendered to those in need with a reciprocal perspective are intertwined. Hence the choice of the motto Serve with people. Serve with people because we abandon the logic of one-way relationship, where there is someone who gives help and someone else who receives the same help, and instead create reciprocal relationships in which those who help and those who are helped work together to achieve a common goal , enhancing everyone’s diversity.
Come and visit us at our stand in the Conscious Tourism Area and get a 20 Euro voucher to stay in one of our structures on the Italian territory from Torre Pellice to Palermo, passing from Tuscany and the Ligurian coast.

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