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As many of you know, staying at the Case Valdesi means having a holiday under the sign of solidarity. Case Valdesi allocates all profits generated by its guesthouses to the Diaconia Valdese’s social-welfare work, nursing homes, institutions for the disabled and local services for minors and adults in difficulty.   The Diaconia Valdese came into […]


Die Synode der Waldenser Kirche in Torre Pellice

Jedes Jahr im August versammelt sich in Torre Pellice die Synode der Waldenser Kirche, die sich aus den Vertretern der lokalen Kirchen, Pastoren und Verantwortlichen der verschiedenen Tätigkeitsfelder der Kirche zusammensetzt.   Die Synode diskutiert und bestimmt, wie sich die Beziehungen der Kirche zum Staat und den ökumenischen Organismen, die Normen der religiösen Praxis und […]


The waldensian diaconia projects

THE WALDENSIAN DIACONIA PROJECTS FOR UNACCOMPANIED FOREIGN MINORS The Waldensian Diaconia has always been engaged in projects for asylum seekers and refugees. During the past year within the 1 € PER project, this activity has been extended to include boys and girls, children and adolescents, who arrive without an adult of reference and are often […]


Who are the unaccompanied foreign minors?

WHO ARE THE UNACCOMPANIED FOREIGN MINORS? The data recorded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) indicates that 341,000 migrants had arrived in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean at start November 2016, landing mainly on the coasts of Italy and Greece. The number who died at sea also rose in 2016 to a total of […]


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Aktuelle Informationen über die Waldenser Gästehäuser in ganz Italien. Die laufenden Aktivitäten und Projekte, die dank der Gäste unserer Ferienunterkünfte unterstützt werden.

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