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As many of you know, staying at the Case Valdesi means having a holiday under the sign of solidarity. Case Valdesi allocates all profits generated by its guesthouses to the Diaconia Valdese’s social-welfare work, nursing homes, institutions for the disabled and local services for minors and adults in difficulty.

The Diaconia Valdese came into being precisely to look after the weakest and most marginalized members of society and, to do so, it receives help from people who believe in the same values.

To respond innovatively to one of the most heartfelt (and controversial) current social emergencies, the Diaconia Valdese launched the Una Borsa Dà Lavoro fundraising campaign in January 2018. This initiative invites any interested parties to support a “job exchange” (traineeship) in which migrants have the chance to train in Italian structures wherever there are ongoing hospitality projects managed by the Diaconia Valdese.

This donation allows us to guarantee migrants a proper chance to integrate into society, because without work, there is no dignity.

To find out more, visit this link here.

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