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Do the right thing: Join the Waldensian Houses in supporting responsible tourism!

The Waldensian Houses have sustained responsible tourism for a long time. Today, now that we are facing important decisions concerning territories, peoples, the environment and the community, we are committed to encouraging the diffusion of processes that contribute to sustainability and solidarity in all our hotels and lodges. The decision to practise responsible tourism is […]

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The waldensian diaconia projects

The Waldensian Diaconia has always been engaged in projects for asylum seekers and refugees. During the past year within the 1 € PER project, this activity has been extended to include boys and girls, children and adolescents, who arrive without an adult of reference and are often inserted into systems of exploitation and servitude. Currently, […]

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Who are the unaccompanied foreign minors?

The data recorded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) indicates that 341,000 migrants had arrived in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean at start November 2016, landing mainly on the coasts of Italy and Greece. The number who died at sea also rose in 2016 to a total of 4271 persons. In its Uprooted report, […]

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School trips in Italy in Waldensian Lodges

School trips in Italy in Waldensian Lodges Discover the Waldensian Lodges to organise school trips in Italy. Each lodge offers spaces for study and recreation. school trips in Italy

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The latest news from the Waldensian Houses everywhere in Italy. Activities underway and the projects sustained thanks to all the guests of our hotels and lodges.

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