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Casa Cares near Reggello, Tuscany, is offering a perfect occasion for family activities with children, to rediscover and appreciate the value of good food produced locally, according to ethical principles.

How? We will conduct two days of activities for adults and children together, to explore the experience of cultivating and gathering olives. Parents and their children will learn about the cultivation cycle of olives, they will be able to observe the different types of trees and their precious fruits, they will work together to gather the olives and will take the olives to the press to see how the olives are transformed to produce oil.

What if it rains? No problem, the purpose of the event will remain the same – discovering nature and the quality of its good products – we’ll just change some of the activities. For example, if it rains, we’ll dedicate some time to making soap with the oil, and many other things!
As a souvenir of the weekend, after participating in many activities, you will carry away a quarter-litre tin of freshly pressed olive oil when you leave.

When? From Friday, 2 November to Sunday, 4 November 2018: a weekend that begins with supper on Friday and ends with the midday meal on Sunday.
If full-immersion is not your thing, you can participate in just the day’s activities on Saturday (including the midday meal) or just in the laboratory and afternoon snack on Saturday. Everyone can choose the option that suits their time and taste!


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Friday, 2 November:

• Arrival, settling in, dinner based on local products of the season

Saturday, 3 November:

• Breakfast
• Morning: Olive gathering by hand
• Midday meal based on local products of the season
• Laboratory organised by Slow Food Valdisieve e Valdarno Fiorentino about the production chain entitled:
‘The olive thread: from the earth to the table’
• Oil tasting guided by Sonia Donati, coordinator of the Regionale Guida Extravergini Slow Food and an oil taster.
• Afternoon snack
• Visit to the oil press
• Dinner based on local products of the season

Sunday, 4 November

• Breakfast
• Visit to the oil exhibition in Reggello
• Midday meal based on local products of the season


For those who choose the full-immersion option for this activity to unite the family and share a beautiful experience with their children, here is our offer of accommodations and prices at Casa Cares:


Accommodation in rooms for 2, 3, 4 or 5 guests:

Prices according to the following combinations of adults and children:
1 adult and 1 child 225 euro
2 adults and 1 child 325 euro
2 adults and 2 children 385 euro
1 adult and 3 children 445 euro
(10% discount for Slow Food members)


For those who choose to participate only in the activities on Saturday (gathering olives, midday meal, laboratory with Slow Food tasting, visit to the oil press, afternoon snack), here are the registration fees:
Adults: 30 euro
1 child: 20 euro
2 children: 35 euro
3 children: 50 euro


For participation only in the laboratory and afternoon snack:
Adults: 10 euro
Children: 5 euro


Olive gathering, and production of organic products are perfect activities for family enjoyment, learning and educating children to appreciate the values of the earth and good food.


For information and reservations, contact us at or call us on +39 055 8652001.


The initiative will take place only if there are at least 8 children registered for the offer including accommodations.


We’ll be expecting you!


Who we are
Casa Cares is a country manor that was built in the sixteenth century. It is situated in a large park cultivated with olive orchards, near Reggello. The orchards comprise over 700 olive trees that produce a very fine quality of olive oil, recognised by Slow Food. Casa Cares is an ideal location for events, courses, seminars, entertainment or simply to relax for a few days surrounded by nature, far from the stress and commitments of every day.
Slow Food is an international organisation that strives to help everyone to know and appreciate good, clean and proper food: good because healthy in addition to being delicious; clean because careful about the environment and animal welfare; proper because respectful of the work of those who produce, transform and distribute the food.
Slow Food Valdisieve e Valdarno Fiorentino is the local branch of Slow Food, responsible for the territory where Casa Cares is located.


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