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The Waldensian Houses have sustained responsible tourism for a long time. Today, now that we are facing important decisions concerning territories, peoples, the environment and the community, we are committed to encouraging the diffusion of processes that contribute to sustainability and solidarity in all our hotels and lodges.

The decision to practise responsible tourism is a choice that is available to everyone. Everyone can be a protagonist whose actions contribute to the growth of a just and considerate reality. We are convinced that the expression itself, responsible tourism, includes all the salient aspects of wise tourism whether that means sustainable, equitable or conscientious.

We like to exchange views with travellers who, even in a moment of leisure such a vacation, make ethical and responsible choices. We are happy to be part of the change. We are happy to diffuse it. That is the reason why, in March, we will participate in Fa la cosa giusta, the fair of ethical consumerism and sustainable life styles, which will celebrate its fourteenth edition. Visit us 10-12 March in Milan, in pavilions 3 and 4 at Fieramilanocity. You too can meet and get to know the operators who promote conduct that is respectful of the environment and society.

We want to absorb new ideas and meet with first-hand experience, we hope to be inspired in this meeting place and to share best practice by talking about our projects too. The Waldensian Houses have always worked to reduce environmental impact and to organise projects in favour of the less fortunate, such as the 1€ PER project. In 2017, it is dedicated to promoting and realising solutions for welcoming and supporting asylum seekers, refugees and victims of trafficking.

We look forward to meeting you at our stand. Well have a gift for you: a 20 coupon you can use at the Waldensian House of your choice among those distributed all over Italy, for a vacation in Nature, at the seaside or in one of the major art cities of the peninsula!

Again, let us ask: what is responsible tourism? We will borrow the definition of AITR, the Italian association of responsible tourism, of which we are members.

Responsible tourism is tourism practised per principles of social and economic justice, with full respect for the environment and culture. Responsible tourism acknowledges the central role of the local community as host and its right to be the protagonist of sustainable and socially responsible development of its own territory for tourism.



Do the right thing: sustain and promote responsible tourism!

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