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School trips in Italy in Waldensian Lodges
Discover the Waldensian Lodges to organise school trips in Italy. Each lodge offers spaces for study and recreation.
school trips in Italy


School trips are an essential part of the educational experience in all schools. A stay in a Waldensian Lodge in Italy is the right choice, thanks to their distribution along the peninsula and the particularity of the structures, equipped to welcome groups of all sizes and types. In the Waldensian Houses, the key benefits of scholastic tourism, socialisation and learning, are perfectly integrated.

In the art cities, such as Venice or Florence, for an exploration of natural and cultural attractions in Tuscany or Piedmont, or a stay by the sea – at Rio Marina on the isle of Elba or in Liguria – our houses, hotels and lodges are available with their own teams to suggest itineraries, laboratories and learning experiences. There are spaces available for organising scholastic and recreational activities inside all the structures. With the experience matured by the Waldensian Diaconia in hospitality, formation and education, we can offer modular and personalised packages at competitive prices.

In the Waldensian Valleys, the Waldensian Lodge in Torre Pellice (province of Turin) offers the possibility to discover the culture and history of the Waldensian community through eight centuries of Italian and European history by visiting the museums, temples and historical places of the community. The Lodge is also a starting point to discover the mountain territory with outdoor educational activities, orienteering trials, observation of the constellations and many other activities in collaboration with local associations and guides.

The Waldensian Lodge in Venice, just a stone’s throw from Piazza San Marco and the Rialto bridge, is the ideal starting point to discover the city in winter: from the Arsenale along the shore of the lacuna, the silhouettes of San Giorgio, the Salute, the bell tower of San Marco, the museums, the churches, the little squares and alleys. Venice has a history of tradition and encounters of the monotheistic faiths: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Today, as in the past, these diverse religious expressions dialogue with each other. The monotheistic faiths can be explored by a journey between East and West that will enable students to encounter Judaism through the oldest ghetto in Europe; Christianity in the Greek Orthodox community and the three great Protestant families – Reformed, Anglican and Protestant.

In Liguria, the Waldensian House of Vallecrosia, neighbouring on France and its famous Riviera, is an ideal place for nature excursions to discover the river and sea environments or historical routes following the footsteps of Italo Calvino or Claude Monet. In alternative, about 70 km from Genoa, the Waldensian House Hotel in Pietra Ligure is the right place for visits to the fishing villages, the grottoes of Borgio Verezzi and Toirano, and to discover the treasures of the sea accompanied by animators specialised in guiding children of the elementary and middle schools.

In Tuscany, you can choose to visit Florence and stay at the Waldensian Lodge in a typical Florentine palace of the 17th century in the Oltrarno quarter, near the Old Bridge and just 20 minutes’ walk from the main train station of Santa Maria Novella. It is possible to add one or more game or theatrical animation sessions for children of different ages, conducted by a theatre group that specializes in work with children and adolescents.  In the setting of the Arno Valley, consider a stay at Casa Cares, in the town of Reggello, an ideal location for visiting Siena, Arezzo and Florence, too. In alternative, you can explore the natural reserves of the area, while enjoying your stay in a villa of the 16th century surrounded by marvellous olive orchards. Finally, you can explore the isle of Elba from the Waldensian House in Rio Marina, an ancient mining town, to discover an island full of history and natural resources.

We are profoundly convinced of the importance of school trips. That is why we offer scholastic institutes the opportunity to obtain ‘grants for study travel’. Fill out the form to request information.

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