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Winter is winding down so now is the time to think about the fine weather season and to plan your travels. You might want to take advantage of the 2019 Special Holiday Offers in Liguria! If you can save money while you relax and enjoy the rest you deserve, your holiday will be even better!

If you don’t live near the sea, you will surely agree that this time of year punctually brings that nostalgia to mind. The days are growing longer, the air is warming up, nature is preparing for the spring awakening and your mind is inspired to imagine more intense light, perfumes and colours.

Here are a few suggestions for a relaxing vacation with opportunities for open air physical activity, with the 2019 Special Holiday Offers in Liguria, proposed by Case Valdesi – Hotels and Lodges, among the many options for sustainable holidays throughout Italy.

The Hotel Casa Balneare Valdese di Pietra Ligure ) is situated in the province of Savona and is an ideal destination for all who want to spend their holidays in the natural surroundings of the seaside and the medieval towns scattered through the inland hills. In addition to Borgio Verezzi , we suggest that you make an excursion to Finalborgo, now also included among the Borghi Più Belli d’Italia (the Most Beautiful Towns of Italy). You will be fascinated by this small town surrounded by well-preserved medieval walls dotted with semi-circular towers. The town is proud of its numerous palaces, some dating to the fifteenth century, others to the Renaissance. Many events enliven this lovely town near the sea in the spring and summer, but even a simple stroll will leave you with a indelible memory in your mind and heart.


The hills behind Pietra Ligure are truly a paradise for mountain bikers. The Maremola valley is criss-crossed by a terrific network of paths that lead from the mountains to the sea.


Anyone who wants to move a little farther west, near the border with France, can plan their holiday at the Casa Valdese di Vallecrosia ( ).


Here the green surroundings deserve extra attention, starting with the Casa Valdese garden. When the first heat waves or sultry summer days strike, there is nothing better than relaxing in the shade of the maritime pines, perhaps with a cool drink, an ice cream or an aperitif from the little bar hosted by our volunteers, to enjoy with friends.

Not far from Vallecrosia, in the municipal territory of Ventimiglia, you can visit the Hanbury Botanical Gardens ( ), a splendid example of English landscaping with winding paths, rustic pergolas and breathtaking views of the sea. The ancient Roman consular road, the via Julia Augusta, passes through the park. Thousands of botanic species, especially tropical and sub-tropical plants are present in this corner of paradise; statues, fountains and other architectural works adorn it. Visitors with movement and sensory disorders are welcomed to access the Hanbury Botanical Gardens.

A trip to Menton, the first town on the French Riviera after leaving Italy, is not a bad idea either. The old town is very characteristic, and it is very pleasant to stroll among the many well-cared-for gardens.

Bikers will be pleased to know that Vallecrosia is close to the bike path of Ponente Ligure. This is a twenty-four-kilometres cycle path along the Riviera dei Fiori, directly beside the sea.

Yes, the sea. And the sense of infinity that it inspires in each of us.


If you want to plan your holidays in one of the Waldesian Houses in Liguria and thus to sustain the social assistance projects of the Diaconia Valdese, take advantage of our 2019 Special Holiday Offers in Liguria and contact

Hotel Casa Valdese di Pietra Ligure – Email – Telephone +39 019 611907

For you: May 4-12 2019, only 50 Euros per person/per day, full board, for a minimum stay of one week

pietra ligure

Hotel Casa Valdese di Pietra Ligure – Email – Telephone +39 0184 295551

If you reserve a 3 night full board from Monday to Friday, the fourth night is free! (Excluding June, July and August)


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