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Does the world seem too small to you whenever you start thinking about taking a holiday? Does it seem too predictable? Too crowded? Too expensive?

Do you want a holiday that offers some peace and relaxation, but is also an opportunity to meet and talk to new people, a place that sparks your curiosity about the surrounding area, and where you can learn something new?


If you are seeking authentic places, and want to spend time in a benevolent environment, with an eye out for those around you, if you are looking for good food, humanity, a neighbourhood that reflects real everyday life rather than an anonymous city centre like all the others …

If you are looking for places that have a story to tell,  blue skies  and  green meadows , a  clear sea,  mountains to climb, small villages to visit, a place you’ll return to not only as a guest but at the very least… as an acquaintance and perhaps even a friend, the Case Valdesi  are for you.

You can choose to stay in the village of Rio Marina, on Elba, with a large garden where you can have lunch. Or stay in rooms equipped with a small kitchen, or have full board directly on the beach in Pietra Ligure or Casa Valdese di Vallecrosia, almost on the border with the French Riviera, enjoying a garden full of flowers and the sea just a short walk away.

If you’re looking to escape the heat of the summer and you don’t like the sea, if you want to lie in a deckchair and comfortably read a book, if you want to lie on a lawn beside a tree or a flowering plant, if you want to walk around the organic garden or plan some hiking, you can stay with full board in the silence of the  Tuscan countryside  or a stone’s throw from the centre of  Torre Pellice , with its high mountains to one side, and on the other side, the village centre with bars, bookshops and the market where you stroll around and have a chat.

If you’ve always wanted to see the  Italian cities of art  at their most authentic, this is the right time. You can visit Venice , Florence and  Rome  and enjoy the monuments that made them famous in the world in complete tranquility, enjoying every glimpse and every street.

In Rome, Venice and Florence, the Case Valdesi are located in very interesting, vibrant neighbourhoods that all have their own authentic qualities even in the highest tourist seasons. And so, right now, more than ever, they are an ideal choice for experiencing these cities of art.

These beautiful places with their fascinating pasts can be found at


Author: Barbara Imbergamo, June 28, 2020
Thanks to Laura Daniela Fabri for kindly allowing the use of the image

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