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Every year, in the last week of August, the Waldensian Church Synod meets in Torre Pellice.


Constituted by the deputies of the local churches, pastors and responsible for particular sectors of activity of the church, the Synod discusses and determines what will be the relations with the state, with the ecumenical bodies, the norms that regulate the cult, the appointment of theology professors, and examines the work of its administrative bodies, including that of the Diaconia Valdese.

Torre Pellice is the “capital” of the Waldensian valleys, valleys of the Cozie Alps, where the community took refuge after being expelled from France. A period of repression of the Catholic Church followed with the Reformation of Luther, with masses of entire communities in Puglia and Calabria; the Piedmontese communities, however, resisted until 1686 when the Waldenses were forced to recant or take the road to exile in Switzerland. But already in 1689 the Waldensians returned to their valleys along a road in the 330-kilometer Alps: the Glorious Repatriation.

The route starts in Switzerland and ends in Bobbio Pellice, a few kilometers from Torre Pellice. The Waldensians took 13 days to walk the road to their houses, today it is possible to cover the entire stretch in about 20 days or decide to cross only the last one in Italian territory starting from the Colle del Piccolo Moncenisio and crossing Col Clapier, the oldest Franco-Italian step. For those wishing to retrace the steps of the Repatriation, crossing a territory rich in history and natural beauties, we recommend the guide Il glorioso Rimpatrio published by the Publishing House Terre di Mezzo.


Further information on the trials and paths are reported on the website of the Foresteria Valdese  in Torre Pellice (link here).

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